The right to a quality education is, I believe, the perfect path to bridge the gap between different cultures and to reconcile various civilizations. Without such a right, the values of liberty, justice and equality will have no meaning. Ignorance is by far the biggest danger and threat to humankind.

Moza bint Nasser

Programs under UDYAT

Recreational Activities

We often organise some workshops as well as some recreational visits for Jagriti Vidya Mandir(JVM) students, which can enhance their view how they see the world.

Teachers Training

The Undergraduate and Research Scholars of GYWS along with some other IIT students train teachers to converse in English and improve their ability to teach. The teacher's training held adjacent to GYWS office.

Activity Based Learning

A weelkly Science based extra-curricular activity has been conducted in Jagriti Vidya Mandir by the students of IIT Kharagpur. The students conduct sessions to project various science and textbook fundamentals in an Involved manner, ....so that it not only makes the children and teachers happy but push them to become curios and to start querying, what they sees in surrounding.see more
For Further Details: Activity Based Learning