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Volleyball court, sports equipment, and books for the library in a school named Dr. AR PATIL High School Akola:
LiGHT Akola

In today’s world all-around development of a student is very necessary. Sports and books play a major role in this. All the schools should necessarily have required sports facilities and a library for the students. But we encountered that some schools still don’t have these facilities. To help one of these schools LiGHT Akola decided to make a volleyball ground and provide them with sports equipment as well as provide books for the library of the school.
We (LiGHT Akola) are raising funds for this noble cause and we need your support to achieve this.
Let’s come together and join LiGHT Akola in this initiative.
Donate as you wish
Your small contribution can lead to a big smile on someone’s face

Fans and Cooler at Kopal Vaani Child Welfare Organization, Raipur:
LiGHT Raipur

Do you wish to help our youngsters, torchbearers of the coming generations?
Provide them relief from the scorching heat? Then you are at the right place!
We, the members of LiGHT Raipur, are providing fans and cooler to the Kopal Vaani Child Welfare Organisation, an Ashram in Raipur.
We are raising funds for this noble cause and would be extremely humbled if you could support this initiative. Kindly donate and shine light on these young orphans.
Even a small contribution makes a huge difference!

Sanitation of "Shaaskiya Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Sitholi":
LiGHT Gwalior Thatipur

What if we say
Schools without blackboards?
Cleanness without dustbins?
Yes.. that’s right.
Shaaskiya Madhyamic Vidhyalaya, Sitholi school of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh does not have these basic
amenities. Students are studying with Black painted walls instead of blackboards. All the dust and garbage
material is collected By the students themselves in the corner of their own classrooms where mosquitos
flies stay for the whole time.
In this dark environment of a CLASSROOM, students are trying to make their future bright. In today's era where almost everyone has enough resources, there are some children like this. As being a part of today's energetic youth, LiGHT Gwalior Thatipur takes the responsibility to make this school a better place for learning, for accomplishing the task LiGHT Gwalior Thatipur raising funds for the betterment of the School. We are aiming not only to make this school better but to make a mark in everyone's youth mind that if we all come together, then no school students have to study near the garbage, with black painted walls or any type of worst situation.
Come together, Donate as you wish To fulfil someone's wish.

School Uniforms for Orphanage Children:
LiGHT Samvedna

Can you assume going to school in homewear/casual dress and not in school uniform everyday?
Yes.. you heard it right. Going to school everyday where everyone else wears school uniforms and you have to wear casual/home dress.
This is the situation of the childrens of Baba Balika Ashram orphanage, Aurangabaad , where the childrens of class 8th,9th and 10th do not have uniforms to wear and the orphanage is unable to get the funds to buy the uniforms for the childrens along with maintaining the other expenses.
Since 2 years the schools were online and the childrens do not need uniforms but now schools have been opened and there is urgent requirement for funds to buy the uniforms for the childrens.
To support Baba Balika Ashram and provide school uniforms to the childrens, LiGHT Samvedna is raising donations.
Let’s come together and join LiGHT Samvedna in this initiative. Donate as you wish To fulfill someone's need.

Water purifier for Orphanage children of Sankalp Orphanage,Wardha:
LiGHT Wardha

Can you assume drinking water has TDS greater than 500 ?
Yes.. you heard it right. Drinking high tds water every time leads to kidney stones, diarrhea and even cancer but the childrens at Sankalp orphanage, Wardha.
To help the orphanage and solve this major problem LiGHT Wardha decided to set up a water purifier at the orphanage.
We (LiGHT Wardha) are raising funds for this noble cause and we need your support to achieve this.
Let’s come together and join LiGHT Wardha in this initiative.
Donate as you wish
To fulfil someone's needs.