• Through Educate a child Plan:
    Under this scheme you will be adopting a child and pay for his year long expenses which will be around 5 to 6 thousand. After you adopt a child, We will tell you the details of child and year long we will keep sending you the detailed performance report of the child.

  1. Expense structure is available in this PDF.Click to Download
  2. Details about how you can donate is in this PDF.Click to Download
  3. Once you make the payment. Send a Mail about the same on gywsoffice@gmail.com along with your details.
    We would confirm the transfer and then send 80G certificate and receipt by post and also the details of children.
  • Annual Report of GYWS:
    Under this section we can get to know the complete details about GYWS, the complete functionality of the NGO, the different functions that we celebrate, the different events, etc.

  1. Annual Report 2010-10. Click to Download
  2. Annual Report 2011-12. Click to Download
  3. Annual Report 2012-13. Click to Download
  4. Annual Report 2013-14. Click to Download
  5. Annual Report 2015-16. Click to Download
  6. Annual Report 2016-17. Click to Download
  • General Donation:
  1. Availing Transport- Many students come to JVM from distant villages (as far as 10 km) which creates great difficulty for them to reach school. This situation leads to surprising no. of dropouts. So help is needed.
  2. Construction and renovation of School.
  3. Expenses in other initiatives like Annual Health Camp for IIT Kharagpur staff , KGP Blood-connect etc. List and Details of which are on initiatives section of site.

  4. Download this PDF to know how to donate.
  • SI Form:
    It is sometimes convenient to pay the money in parts so for that you can fill up the SI form (Click Here) and submit at nearest SBI Branch . The Money that you specify in form would be deducted monthly from your SBI account. Our Bank Details to fill in the form are as follows.
    Click to download Bank Details
    Note - Monthly Transfers through SI form can be done through SBI only.